Charlie Sheen is a Hot Mess!

January 28, 2011 12:20pm

We’re barely but a month into the New Year and actor Charlie Sheen is already having a notorious, debauching and wildly uninhibited 2011. In just 3 short weeks the Two and a Half Men star has somehow managed to be involved in a series of scandalous activities, check into the hospital, land on the cover of every gossip and tabloid magazine under shameful headlines, and miraculously keep his job.

Sheen was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital yesterday morning after virtually partying nonstop for days. According to RadarOnline, he suffered from a hiatal hernia after a 36-hour long drug and party carousal that included the delivery of a briefcase full of cocaine to his home, 2 porn stars and several other women whose “professions” and identities have been undisclosed.

Lucky for Sheen, his top-rated TV show is on hiatus this week so the production schedule won’t be affected. But really, how long are they going to put up with his shenanigans and unpredictability? He’s already missed several of his on-set call times this month using such excuses as an earache (when just hours prior he was photo’d shooting vodka and living it up in Las Vegas), and the show’s CBS-backed production team has already expressed and stated a high level of concern for his behavior.

What’s sad is this is just the latest of his drama-filled fiascos. Just three months prior Sheen was briefly hospitalized following a naked and heavily drug-induced binge in a New York hotel room with a 22-year old escort and adult entertainer (aka prostitute and porn star), in which he reportedly tossed over tables and chairs in a distempered tirade over his “missing” watch (which he accused her of taking) and she was left cowering in tears in the actor’s bathroom.

To top it all off, Sheen is currently in the middle of a nasty divorce battle with his third (yes third!) wife, stemming from a December altercation in which he reportedly put his hands on and threatened to kill her. What??

I hate to say it, but Charlie Sheen has officially turned himself into a celebrity trainwreck. Not that I’m one of the 14.6 million viewers who tune in to watch Two and a Half Men, but the fact that he’s raking in a whopping $800,000+ per episode and is THE highest paid actor on television today for behaving so recklessly is absolutely mind-blowing and dare I say unfair.

But through all this you have to wonder why Sheen’s disgraceful gallivanting isn’t better kept under wraps. So the question remains… Where is his publicist???

Xoxo- Shonte

**UPDATE as of 2:54pm today: Charlie Sheen has just voluntarily checked himself into an undisclosed rehab facility, and his show Two and a Half Men has been placed on indefinite “hiatus” while he undergoes treatment. Go figure.

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