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Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

At Konnect PR our method of travel is to maximize our time in one place by accomplishing as much as possible. For example, in the last 5 days Sabina and I have traveled with samples, press kits, luggage, and more by plane, train and automobile through the east coast to New York, Philadelphia and everywhere in between. While the thought of shlepping around in 10 lbs of clothing with an additional 15 lbs of various samples and press materials sounds unappealing (and believe me it is) the end result is well worth it. At our public relations agency we believe that we must constantly be where the press is, and the fact is that a lot of the national press is in New York. We pride ourselves on getting in front of those media contacts which we treasure and work with every day and creating a relationship that becomes much more valuable than a chain of e-mails and a couple of phone calls. In addition, we also pride ourselves on being in touch with our clients. Our client Olive Juice is based in a small suburb outside of Philadelphia. With a heavy onslaught of orders coming in, they found it difficult to get away for a moment to come and meet with us to plan 2011. So what did we do… hop a train to Philly, samples, luggage and all. While it may seem ilogical to leave the Los Angeles 75 degree weather to go a place where the high is about 15 or lower a day, this is what sets us apart from other PR agencies and this is why we do the amazing job we do. Below you can get an idea of what we have been dealing with on a daily basis. If this doesn’t show you that we are serious about our work/ clients than I don’t know what will!

x Monica

New Family Next Door?

Working at a PR agency it’s a must to be up on celebrity news. With a popular clothing brand, a slew of magazine covers and of course their addictive reality series (including the new spinoff Kourtney and Kim Take New York that debuted just this week) dare I say it, the Kardashians have somehow transcended all odds to become America’s favorite family. This week’s episode has us at Konnect buzzing around the office.

So how did they get here? The Kardashians should probably thank Ryan Seacrest, the executive producer behind the popular show on E! But even without Seacest, what’s interesting to me is how well these girls know how to work the media. Sprawled across the Konnect offices are magazines plastered with the girls’ gorgeous faces. From this month’s Glamour feauturing Kim to an issue of Parenting magazine with Kourtney and baby Mason, this family has got all their publicity bases covered, which is probably why America can’t seem to get enough. Their realness and accessibility becomes something we see almost everywhere these days.

Somehow through all the smoke and mirrors, we can still relate to this family as we willingly open up our living rooms to them each week….

Either that, or maybe it’s the fact that they’re just so darn entertaining.


“Skins” too hot for TV?

There has been a lot of talk about MTV’s new show “Skins,” a show that follows a group of teens through the crazy ups and downs of adolescence. While this may seem like every other teen show, the show is under fire from various parent groups such as the Parents Television Council (PTC) for “glorifying teen drug and alcohol abuse” and “baseless sexual content” (Fox News). To be exact, the PTC has found 42 references to drugs and alcohol and is even alluding to violations of child pornography. Money is power and now the show is beginning to feel the heat, with advertisers Taco Bell, Wrigley, General Motors and Subway all pulling advertising.

Now, MTV execs are responding. Below is a snippet of what MTV has to say:
“Skins is a show that addresses real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way…We are confident that the episodes of Skins will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers. We also have taken numerous steps to alert viewers to the strong subject matter so that they can choose for themselves whether it is appropriate.‬” (MSN)

True, they have taken steps to alerting viewers about what they may see. In fact, I signed onto to catch an episode of the show myself and before I could even view “Skins”, a prompt appears alerting me that is mature content and I had to enter my birth date to view. Now, it doesn’t state what the minimum age is to view, but if the show is catered to teens, then I’m guessing the cut off age is not 18. In a society where movies, television music and entertainment are all over-sexed, you have to wonder: Do we really need another show full of teens running around recklessly experimenting with drugs and their sexuality?

The clique “sex sells” bit is way overdone so there really isn’t much shock value left in watching people parade around in lewd scenes. The show reminds me of a weird hybrid of Degrassi meets (the original) 90210 meets The ‘L’ Word. However, I will say, even I clutched my pearls a few times at what I watched, mainly because I was surprised that 14-17 yr old kids know how to do HALF of that stuff on the show and also because my high school years were NOTHING like that. Granted, yes, I know, it’s TV, but still.

I heard a quote somewhere that reminds me of this controversy: It’s not sex that sells; it’s the feeling the image gives you that gives you an emotional reaction. So if there isn’t much reaction, then there won’t be much selling of the sex.

What do you think? Is the PTC being too sensitive or has MTV gone way past the boundaries of decency?


Spiritual Bling

Check out Alexandra St. Clair’s spiritual bling featured in Racked LA!

Alexandra St. Clair creates accessories that are not only beautiful but send a message – that all cultures and religions can coexist peacefully on Earth.

xo Racine

What Makes Something Tip?

Okay so today in my list of tasks I was trying to find appropriate people to be a spokeperson for one of our clients. In doing so it really got me thinking about the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell. If you haven’t read it you NEED to. Not just that, but also his other books “Blink” and “Outliers.” Anway, the book talks about what makes a person or a product the hot new “it” thing. What makes something tip and become irresistable and then again at some point tip back into the realm of things forgotten.

I thought about this because in my search I came across several celebrities names. Some that are in the spotlight like crazy right now, then others that have been forgotten as their careers have faded. It then got me thinking about how to tip our clients products and further more how to “tip” the PR firm. Possibly even how to just simply tip myself! I’m graduating in April and I’m going to need a job. If I can put some of the tip and tricks into practice while here at Konnect PR…. just maybe I can get myself the perfect first job.

Til then, I’m here and I’m loving it!

xx Courtney

Twitter Tips

One of the many aspects of a publicist’s job is to help their clients stand out amongst their competitors.

I recently came across an article for those in search of being spotted in the crowd of social media, 5 Ways to Stand Out on Twitter. With 175 million registered Twitter users…standing out is key.

Below are a couple of my favorite tips:
1. Share Tips
2. Be yourself

xo Racine


The last episode of Jersey Shore had a whopping 8.9 million viewers. That is the most viewers the show or any show on MTV has ever received. While I may have contributed to those high marks, I will most definitely also be tuning into tonight’s State of the Union address.

There have been some comments online about whether the viewership for the President’s speech will be higher. Regardless of one’s political leanings, it is always important to be informed. During these rare opportunities, like tonight’s State of the Union, the public is able to get information straight from the source, rather than through the pundits, analysts and journalists we so often get our news from.

There no doubt will be immediate posts, online editorials and buzzing social media including #SOTU tweets but the question remains: how do we get more people to tune in?

Maybe the President needs a little more PR…


First Intern Experience

Hello Everyone! My name is Jamie Kim and I am actually one of the new interns for this new year. I attend the University of Southern California and am currently studying Communication in Annenberg and hoping to pursue a marketing minor within the Marshall Business school. I am still exploring my interests in pursuing a career working with all kinds of people and I felt that interning at a Public relations agency would be one of my ideal choices of work. This is actually my first internship and I am excited because it relates to Public Relations. Being surrounded by highly professional and yet comfortable mentors and workers makes me feel content with choosing to have my first intern experience with Konnect PR. My first day of interning was on Friday, January 22, 2011 and I partook in researching blogs for one of Konnect PR’s clients, Kembrel. This was something I did not expect to do on my first day. After watching movies like Devils Wear Prada, which depicts low ranking workers as mediocre and slaving away for their bosses, I was surprised and thrilled to be actually doing something on my first day. It made me joyous to actually contribute my time and effort to benefiting this Los Angeles public relations firm. I cannot wait for what else I will learn while interning with Konnect PR. I hope my efforts will make a difference as well and be of great use.

-Jamie Kim

Hollywood’s Biggest Night

Get excited because the Oscar nomination buzz can finally be laid to rest!

Nominations were announced this morning with The King’s Speech racking in the most this year at 12. With all the hype surrounding actress Natalie Portman (not to mention a prestigious EW cover a few weeks back), it was no surprise that her Black Swan performance would be nominated in the top female category for Best Actress.

What I’m excited for is to see if Social Network will really take the night’s highest honor. The movie has already won both Critic’s Choice Award and The Golden Globe for Best Picture, but the Academy is always a bit more unpredictable. With all the publicity around Facebook lately, maybe Zuckerberg can add an Oscar-winning movie adaptation to his growing list of accolades.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco (also a nominee!) are hosting this year, so it should be a riot. Awards season is always fun to watch for us PR people… the media storm of movie campaigns, news articles and of course the red carpet wear.

Will you be watching?


Online fun…

I found this cool article 7 Innovative online maps today and immediately fell in love. Besides the fact that at our pr agency we love random and sometimes nonsensical websites (and who doesn’t? Come on, Ask Kanye and Awkward Family Photos are classics), this article particularly interests me because it demonstrates how the news media is becoming more creative to be the ultimate source of information outside of traditional forms of press.

My favorites:
1. Gives you some perspective on how good you actually have it here in the US. Sure, you may consume 73.68% less oil if you lived in Chile or spend 96.92% less on health care in Morocco, but you would make 98.28% less money if you called Afghanistan and you die 27.32 years soon in Malawi. Just saying…
2. What’s in a Surname?: Mostly because Smith is such a popular last name…

Whether creating sites that bring solace and awareness to today’s current events or making outlets to educate you on your community, down to your very street, the web has brought a new dimension to communicating directly with consumers.


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