February 15, 2011 9:32am

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the International Franchise Association Convention in Las Vegas! Capriotti’s is attending and is an exhibitor to the convention which attracts some of the largest and most successful franchises in the world. The list of attendees serves as the who’s who in the franchise business world.

I attended a session titled, “How to Refresh, Protect & Enhance Your Brand: Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience as You Grow” and listened to leaders of franchises including A&W Restaurants, Tasti D Lite and The UPS Store. Those speaking talked about successful re-branding and not as successful branding attempts,  hoping to share their knowledge with the people in the room.

The image below is of the CEO of Capriotti’s, Ashley Morris on the convention floor of IFA. Conventions like IFA are important for the insights about the latest and greatest in franchises and the invaluable face-to-face networking.  IFA is the type of convention where CEOs of major companies actually walk the floor, shake hands and learn from peers.

As Capriotti’s PR agency, it is important to attend these events with the client in order to share and exchange any thoughts that may come about from walking the convention floor, attending sessions or just a random thought from a fellow franchise.

IFA is an incredibly important and amazing resource for all types of franchises.  While networking and new connections are important, the knowledge learned at events such as IFA’s annual convention may just change the way a franchise conducts business on a day-to-day basis or just plant a seed that will take root in 10 years. Regardless, attending conventions allows both clients and publicists to be better at what they do.

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