New Trends Sure to Rattle Old Traditions

March 14, 2011 4:21pm

Working at a public relations agency means that you need to constantly be up to date on the newest and hottest trends. Remember when Britney was a “Slave For You” and she danced on stage with a Boa Constrictor? In 2001, we all thought she was crazy. One decade later, she’s now a pioneer of one of the latest fashion trends. Yes, my friends, snakes are in.

Drapped around, necks, wrapped up arms and printed on t-shirts and sweaters alike, these limbless creatures are quickly invading the city of Los Angeles.

As with many outrageous fashion trends, like fur and cheetah print, we usually hate the trend before we succumb to it. But has fashion gone too far this time? Take a look at this. Working at an LA public relations agency and having to be on the cutting edge of all things trendy and celeb fab, how do you feel about the snake?



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