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An LA Publicist On Pregnant Celebrities…Because No One Is Expecting Right Now

Cleary! To be perfectly honest, we LOVE our pregnant celebrity mommies out there. Working in the Baby & Children’s Division at Konnect PR, we’re not only surrounded by the most adorable-to-die-for-precious-knock-your-socks-off-cuteness baby products and accessories on the market today, but we get to keep a watchful eye on all of the fabulous celebrity mommies out there. As a publicist in the baby business, you learn about the abundance of new mommy & baby products on the market today, most of which you never knew even existed! As of now, the baby product market is a $9.8 billion dollar industry and with pregnancy the hottest trend at the moment, who knows how high that number will soar!

So here’s a big congratulations to all of the new and expecting celebrity mommies out there: Reece, Tori, Uma, Vanessa, Adriana, Ali, Alicia, Alyson, Beyonce, Josie, Kate, Miranda, Molly, Nicole, Rachel, Selma, Tina, Victoria, Kate, Kristin, Katherine, Maggie, Neve, Denise, Elizabeth,  Drew, Hilary, Jessica, Kourtney, Kristin, Jennifer…

How about we just send one big congratulatory shout-out to the newest Hollywood moms instead? Ok, you’ve convinced me. And seeing as every day someone new is pregnant; let’s just extend this congrats to them as well ;)

Xx Jenne

LA Publicist on People’s Most Beautiful List

Working at a Los Angeles public relations firm, you wait for the ‘best’ and ‘most’ lists all the time!

Drum roll please….this morning People released a ‘sneak peak’ of the coveted Most Beautiful People list. The most Beautiful Peron this year is Jennifer Lopez!

Just a little walk down memory lane with Jenny from the Block –

-          Selena: this is where J. Lo was recognized for her ‘ass’ets

-          P. Diddy: she came to the Grammy’s in her infamous green Versace dress

-          Ben Affleck: I like to call this Priness Jennifer days…she was always put together and very pretty

-          Marc Anthony: J. Lo really turned around….she became a mom…a diva…fierce….and also People’s Most Beautiful Person of 2011

Others on this list include Zac Efron (YES!), Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Hudson, Kellan Lutz, Dana Delany, Emma Stone, Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Longoria and Ryan Reynolds (YES!)



DWTS’ Lacey Schwimmer Loves Pups!

As a public relations agency, one of the ways that we evaluate a successful event is not only by how efficiently an event is run and executed, but also by how our guests’ lives were positively affected. As an LA publicist I was so fortunate to help coordinate an event that was for a good cause.

We are excited to announce that some of the animals that were available for adoption at the Modnique and Much Love event actually found new homes!

One being adorable Akira, a Min Pin/Chix mix, who instantly fell in love with DWTS’ Lacey Schwimmer.

Check out their ‘love at first bark’ encounter on PEOPLE Pets!


Interactive Facebook’ers Make a Difference

So what do Manchester United, Justin Bieber and Glee have in common?
At our pr agency we love Facebook and social media! One of the many great pr tools used to interact with audiences, fans, customers of brands, businesses, celebrities, etc…(the list can go on) is to have a Facebook page. Aside from just to have a page, it is important to stay active and engage with fans. At our LA public relations agency, social media is on high importance of our list of tasks to accomplish daily.
Recently I came across an article on how to measure engagement on Facebook. This does not necessarily mean that you are on top if you have a large amount of fans, but rather to have a higher engagement rate of Facebook’ers on your page.
Below is a list from Wired News of the Top Engaged Facebook Pages:

xo Racine


Working at a PR agency, one becomes keenly aware when people and events acquire an unusual amount of publicity. Most recently, the name Rebecca Black has been on the tongues of many Americans after her music video went viral. Black is a 13-year-old signed by Ark Music Factory, who’s video for her single, “Friday”’ has been receiving quite the buzz.

Black’s YouTube video already has over 30 million views, but not for the reason you would expect; the single has collected an overwhelming number of negative comments due to its simple subject matter, song writing and autotune use. On the other hand, her single is number 45 on iTunes and some people think the tune is catchy.

Watch the video below and let Konnect PR know if you will be “gettin’ down on Friday” with Rebecca!



The followers have been counted and a winner has been named!

Twitter is always a topic at our public relations agency. As mentioned in a previous post by our intern Amanda, Charlie Sheen’s Twitter followers have been on an increase by the minute. Literally the minute! Charlie Sheen has set the Guinness World Record for reaching 1 million followers in the shortest amount of time. The winning numbers: 25 hours and 17 minutes.

“In all sincerity… Thank you Twitter community for the warm reception & the followers that helped get me to 1Min in 24 hours!!! #teamsheen”, said Sheen on March 2. Let’s not forget that his first post was on March 1.

Wow…Twitter history.

xo Racine

Yes, You Can Be A PopStar Too!

With a little  talent, a little more money, and a very good PUBLICIST a music career (and a hit TV show, endorsements, fragrance line and one hundred other sources of cash flow) can come quicker than you can say “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La”.  Kim Kardashian, the woman who’s exceptional rise to stardom still remains a mystery to many, is a prime example of this phenomenon. Having already accomplished the aforementioned, the reality TV star is now adding “singer” to her resume and just debuted her first “single” today.

While simply mediocre, the song still has potential to become a hit. Kim Kardashian has what many are now saying is among the best publicists in the industry today (her mother), and this is the person who can help make or break a career.

Publicists are the gatekeepers to opportunities, and overall cultivators of a client’s image and the way in which the media and rest of the world view them.  A publicist has the potential to make a company a corporation, a brand an empire, and a person a STAR- case in point Kim Kardashian.  I have to give credit where credit is due- her craft may be intangible, but her ability to garner publicity is remarkable!  With the help of her publicist, I predict by next week Kim K’s song will be played on  major radio stations across the nation, discussed on TV networks worldwide, and have conquered the internet as the number one download on Hey, you have to admire her drive! The results of her publicist’s hard efforts can be listened to here. :)



Lindsay’s back…?

In the aftermath of a breakdown of a child star once primed to be a unique generational talent of tomorrow, the wild roller coaster ride of Lindsay Lohan seems to finally be coming to a steady halt. Now after spending several months in rehab, Lohan is back on track, taking her first dip into the media circuit.

In her first post-rehab interview exclusive, Lohan admits that her health is now her number one priority. When asked who she would like to work with in the future, Lohan respectfully answers that she knows she must win back Hollywood’s trust. In today’s age of high celebrity gossip consumption, an intense PR effort would be needed to win back the public’s trust as well.

Underage drug binges, highway car chases and misunderstood necklace takings have all become normal occasions in the starlet’s day-to-day, and a major case of damage control will be needed to undo the reputation harm that Lohan has caused to her career. When it comes to dealing with celebrities, a pr agency must navigate many aspects of that star’s career, especially media training. Lohan hit all the right points in her latest interview with Extra and if she stays true to her word, the public just might witness one of the best comebacks in recent history.

We’re rooting for ya, Lindsay!


Baby Bumps

With spring right around the corner, I think it is safe to say that there is definitely a celebrity baby boom going on! It must be in the air – the celeb air that is.
Recently to join the 2011 clan of bumps is Jessica Alba.

At our LA public relations agency we constantly stay in the know of the latest, and these babies are right on top. This soon to be mother of two delivered the news on Facebook. Social media definitely helps us stay that much in tune with what’s going on.

Jessica Alba is now joining Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey, Pink, and Natalie Portman (just to name a few). Who will be next? I’ll be on Twitter watch :)

xo Racine

Charlie Sheen is a Hot Mess!

We’re barely but a month into the New Year and actor Charlie Sheen is already having a notorious, debauching and wildly uninhibited 2011. In just 3 short weeks the Two and a Half Men star has somehow managed to be involved in a series of scandalous activities, check into the hospital, land on the cover of every gossip and tabloid magazine under shameful headlines, and miraculously keep his job.

Sheen was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital yesterday morning after virtually partying nonstop for days. According to RadarOnline, he suffered from a hiatal hernia after a 36-hour long drug and party carousal that included the delivery of a briefcase full of cocaine to his home, 2 porn stars and several other women whose “professions” and identities have been undisclosed.

Lucky for Sheen, his top-rated TV show is on hiatus this week so the production schedule won’t be affected. But really, how long are they going to put up with his shenanigans and unpredictability? He’s already missed several of his on-set call times this month using such excuses as an earache (when just hours prior he was photo’d shooting vodka and living it up in Las Vegas), and the show’s CBS-backed production team has already expressed and stated a high level of concern for his behavior.

What’s sad is this is just the latest of his drama-filled fiascos. Just three months prior Sheen was briefly hospitalized following a naked and heavily drug-induced binge in a New York hotel room with a 22-year old escort and adult entertainer (aka prostitute and porn star), in which he reportedly tossed over tables and chairs in a distempered tirade over his “missing” watch (which he accused her of taking) and she was left cowering in tears in the actor’s bathroom.

To top it all off, Sheen is currently in the middle of a nasty divorce battle with his third (yes third!) wife, stemming from a December altercation in which he reportedly put his hands on and threatened to kill her. What??

I hate to say it, but Charlie Sheen has officially turned himself into a celebrity trainwreck. Not that I’m one of the 14.6 million viewers who tune in to watch Two and a Half Men, but the fact that he’s raking in a whopping $800,000+ per episode and is THE highest paid actor on television today for behaving so recklessly is absolutely mind-blowing and dare I say unfair.

But through all this you have to wonder why Sheen’s disgraceful gallivanting isn’t better kept under wraps. So the question remains… Where is his publicist???

Xoxo- Shonte

**UPDATE as of 2:54pm today: Charlie Sheen has just voluntarily checked himself into an undisclosed rehab facility, and his show Two and a Half Men has been placed on indefinite “hiatus” while he undergoes treatment. Go figure.

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