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Quick Links

Just a small taste of what is going on in Konnect PR-land on a daily basis through some nifty web links! Enjoy and happy hump day :)

- The Frugal Foodies on why Sweet Leaf Tea is better than Arizona Iced Tea
- The Papeterie sale on GILT city is almost over so make sure to take advantage ASAP (remember you have to be a member to get the sales prices)!
- Olive Juice is hosting a $100 giveaway on
- Have you liked the Konnect PR Facebook page? If not do so here.

x Monica

Trade Show Magic

Aside from booking press (which you can see we clearly do from the posts on the blog) one of the things that we pride ourselves on is helping to organize and execute trade shows for our clients in their various industries. Earlier this month we did just that with our client Olive Juice as they attended the ENK Children’s Club show in New York. Catering to children’s fashion, this was Olive Juice’s first time attending the show and we were there to help with everything from the booth set up to press appointments, sales, and of course, booth tear down. Overall they had an AMAZING show!! We were so happy for them for all of their success and thought we would share some photos of the process of creating a cool and attractive booth.

Here we are at the very beginning with a bare booth space setting up the most basic of necessities at a trade show, a table!

We added a stencil with the Olive Juice definition to one side of our booth. It was done entirely in chalk and we kept getting compliments throughout the entire show about how cool the idea was.

The most important booth asset of all… THE CLOTHES!

And last but not least, two adorable little models showing off some of the Olive Juice pieces in live motion :)

x Monica

Olive Juice takes over the weeklies…

Olive Juice has taken over the weeklies! The photo of SJP with her husband and kids, who both happen to be wearing the Olive Juice Noel Cardigan, has popped up in this week’s edition of People, Us Weekly, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style Weekly and Star! WE COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. Great way to end the week :)


Today’s FRENZY: The Noises, Squeaks and Cheers

There are lots of things in the world that get us excited; Most importantly, PRESS. We loooooove the press. We breathe it, smell it, LIVE IT.

So I thought I’d share with a couple of choice moments from this morning’s frenzy:

Exhibit A: Here is Sabina viewing the latest posting from our client Olive Juice‘s recent success:

Exhibit B: Monica views….

…and goes Hello Kitty/Keropi crazy.

Screaming, laughing, hooting, running and dancing commence, to the dismay of our neighbors.

In conclusion: We.Love.Press


Sarah Jessica Parker loves Olive Juice!

A couple weeks ago we received an email from Sarah Jessica Parker’s office letting us know that they had received the Olive Juice catalog we sent them (the good publicists that we are, we make sure to do this regularly). The person on the other end of the email let us know that SJP loved the collection and wanted to order a couple items for her cuties. Two weeks later we see the below photos pop up on People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog of her twins Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge wearing the Olive Juice Noel Cardigan in smoke rose and pearl with silver stripe. They look adorable and the sweaters suit them perfectly! Way to go Olive Juice.


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