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For all of you animal lovers out there, is teaming up with Much Love Animal Rescue for a one-of-a-kind animal fundraiser.

To kick off the online fundraiser, come join in the fun for a family friendly all day event this Saturday, April 9 at Barrington Dog Park (333 S. Barrington Ave.).

Complete with the Kogi truck catering, games for all animals, as well as Sweet Leaf Tea drinks, this is sure to be a family-friendly, exciting affair for a great cause.

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Client Press– galore!!

It’s a busy Monday here at Konnect PR and there’s no better way to get the week started than with client press!!

Apparently, Sabina has somehow become an unofficial freelancer for because she not only got one, not two, but THREE clients in giveaways this month!! Be sure to enter in all of the contests; there are some goodies that you just cannot pass up.

Get a jump start on your Earth Day festivities with a chance to win a fun and flexible Sip N’ Go water bottle:

For the health-minded vacationer, K Hotels‘ The Ambrose is an eco-friendly, luxe choice and you and a friend now have a chance to score a weekend getaway:

And for those looking to carry their favorite items in sustainable style, you now have a chance to grab Ecogear‘s Glacier backpack:

Happy Monday!!


March Madness

While I am also interested in the more well-known March Madness (i.e. college basketball), the March Madness I am referring to is the constant chaos that we at our LA public relations agency are continuing to enjoy as far as press booking, event planning, etc. Being that this “madness” tends to leave us a bit at a loss for words (and brain cells) towards the end of the day and even more so at the end of the week, I thought I would post some of the recent March press that you can see our clients in including the new issue of Lucky Kids (Olive Juice and Bambeeno Cashmere on the same page!) and Bride & Bloom (Papeterie). Happy St. Patrick’s Day :)

x Monica

Hulu + TED collaborate to spread ideas, at the click of a button

Every year, thousands flock to Long Beach to attend TED: Ideas Worth Spreading to hear the latest ideas, creations, experiments and more from today’s thinkers and doers. Being a LA publicist, it’s one of the conventions I look forward to the most, as you hear the most extraordinary stories and experiences that really gets your brain actively thinking and  in addition, inspires you  to form your own ideas.

Now, movers and shakers everywhere have the chance to experience TED at the click of a button, thanks to a new partnership with Hulu, as the online video site will be adding some of the top seminars to their library. The TEDTalk library will include 50 of the top TEDTalks, as well as some from this year’s conference, which just wrapped last Friday.

Social Times lists 10 of the talks that are now available on Hulu (10 Inspiring TEDTalks You Can Now Watch On Hulu). In addition to these videos, I came across a TEDTalk that personally inspired me, called Born To Run, by author Christopher McDougall. In his segment, he discusses the history of humans and why it seems we were destined to run. What seems like such a simple concept, McDougall deeply dissects the topic and incorporates historical references like the reclusive and seemingly superhuman Tarahumara Indians in Mexico to the current day SuperMom marathon runner Emily Bayer who finished 8th place even while breast feeding her baby during stops, to demonstrate humans’ ability to build endurance more than any other creature on earth.

In order to be effective while working at a  public relations agency, having fresh, new ideas makes you an indispensable part of the team. Personally, from watching these videos, I feel inspired and excited to get to work and create PR campaigns for our clients like no other publicist out there. And I will definitely be in attendance to next year’s TED to continue to grow, learn, and spark my own creative thoughts.


Client Press–Sky Zone on

One of the most coveted and honorable lists to appear on every year is the INC 500/5000 list. And in our pr agency, we get ECSTATIC when the editors at INC tip their hats off to one of our clients as a job well done.

Check out Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, who was featured as this week’s Applicant of the Week on


Melo’s heading home to NY and the ad tells us so

In some predictable but still big sports news, Carmelo Anthony, who’s played for the Denver Nuggets for nearly 8 seasons, was traded to the New York Knicks this week (and for a max contract of $65 million no less). This is the beginning of a series of ads and promotions to bring awareness to the move. This is an example of a tasteful, well-thought out campaign, not like the insensitive, in your face snub Lebron gave to Cleveland, one reminiscent of Cee-Lo’s popular and catchy diss track to an ex-girlfriend (I won’t name it, but you know what I’m talking about).

Hype move 1: An emotional, almost tear-jerking ad, highlighting Melo’s first game as a Knick against Milwaukee Bucks (Carmelo Anthony Came To New York and MSG Made an Emotional Ad). Inspirational quotes from the NBA star flash across the screen, with the introduction from NY artists Diddy Dirty Money’s “Coming Home” playing in the background. As B-Roll of the city at night appear on the screen, it made wish I was from the Big Apple and also peaked my interest in tonight’s match up (and I’m not even the biggest basketball fan).

Hype Move 2: It’s music to every reality show addict: MTV announced today that the Melo and his wife La La Vazquez, will be getting their own show on the network (USA Today, Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez get MTV reality show). The 10-episode series will pick up where “La La’s Full Court Wedding” left off, the newlyweds preparing for their new life on the East Coast. Can we anticipate cameos from bffs Kim Kardashian and Ciara? My fingers are crossed!

More hype still to come. But I say: THUMBS WAY UP. The trade was done tastefully, the ads were appropriate and humble, and hey, who DOESN’T want another reality show?


Hump Day Press!

Its Wednesday, the middle of the week, so why not share some press? Afterall, press is pr agency currency ;) Below are just a couple of the press hits that have come out this week – Papeterie in 944, Rhythm Superfoods in the Dallas Morning News and Olive Juice in Kiki Magazine.

Happy Hump Day from your favorite LA Public Relations agency!!

x Monica

Just the beginning for BabiLayers!

When working with a new client the anticipation leading up to getting them that first secured and live piece of press is always there. I’m sure pitching and securing press works differently within every PR agency, but within Konnect PR, the work is only as good as what it leads to, and in our case that tends to be amazing press hits for our clients. While we pride ourselves as a Los Angeles public relations agency that works towards results, it as true for us as it is for everyone that you never know what any piece of press will look like until the physical copy is in your hand. In today’s case, we were thrilled that one of our newer clients BabiLayers got their two first amazing placements in one day in the February issue of Hudson’s Childrenswear Review and in the MOMFinds e-newsletter. They offer an amazing product and we are sure this is just the beginning of many more placements to come! To stay up to date with BabiLayers make sure to check out their website and friend/follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

xo Monica

For the Fitness Buff–Give the Gift of “Jump”

Do you have a friend who always gives the best gifts–in my case, it’s me :-) . I never give gifts off the list; from my experience, people always enjoy the gift that they didn’t see coming, the one that they mentioned in passing, never expecting you to really remember they even said it.

So if you have a friend who’s constantly hiking, trying out the latest fitness classes or really getting into shape, give them the gift of “jump.” Check out Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park featured in the Sporting Gift Guide.


You can never go wrong with jewelry for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there’s nothing like dark garnet jewelry to bring a smile to your loved ones face. And if you’re feeling lucky, you won’t even have to spend a dime. ;-)

Enter to win a gorgeous earring and bracelet set from Stephen Estelle in February’s issue of Redbook. Made of 22k vermeil, this beautiful set values for over $300 is the perfect combination of style and elegance.


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